November 6 – 7, 2016 – New Smyrna Beach to Vero Beach, FL

Sunday morning, we took our time getting up.  Our run to Titusville was only 28 nm and would take us less than 4 hours.  Our original plan had been to run an additional 17 nm to Cocoa Village Marina, but there was no room in the inn.  The marina had been hard hit by Hurricane Matthew, and while they were open, they only had limited space for transients.  Alas we were out of luck.  So off to Titusville we went.

We pulled out of New Smyrna Beach just before 9am.  As we journeyed south, you could see the effects of Hurricane Matthew – damaged docks, sunken boats, stranded boats in the shallows, even a dock house that had fallen on a motorboat, with both listing in the water.

One disappointment of the trip so far had been the lack of dolphins.  We were used to schools of dolphins playing in our wake.  While we had seen a small number of dolphins, we were not seeing large schools and only 3 wanted to play.  What we did see as we journeyed south were large numbers of manatees – far more than we have ever seen before.  We slowed to a crawl in several places where manatees were swimming in the middle of the channel.

As we approached Titusville, the wind began to pick up.  Naturally, we were about to dock.  We turned into the Titusville Municipal Marina and despite the wind, we were able to tie relatively easily on a long concrete face dock.  It was 12:41pm.

As we had lunch, the wind continued to pick up and was soon howling.  Our American flag was sticking straight out.  It seems it was a good thing that we were not able to continue on to Cocoa Village.

After lunch, we watched the NFL while Adrienne worked on the blog.  I then walked in what is described as Historic Titusville.  Unfortunately, the cutback in NASA spending and the recession has hit Titusville hard.  There were few shops and the only happening places were Burger King and KFC.  It was like a ghost town.

In the evening, we ate our leftovers from our dinner at the Garlic and prepared for our trip to Vero Beach.

Monday morning we were up and out of Titusville by 6:50am.  The wind was a lot calmer and we hoped it would remain so for the rest of the day.  Vero Beach is about 58 nm south of Titusville and we hoped to arrive mid-afternoon.  We wanted to fuel up there because they have some of the cheapest diesel in South Florida.  We also desperately needed a pump out, which we had wanted in New Smyrna Beach but couldn’t get and thought we would get in Titusville but their pump was down.  But the Loggerhead Marina at Vero Beach said they had an operational pump on their fuel dock, so we hoped to take care of fuel and holding tanks at the same time when we got in.

Our trip down the Indian River was uneventful until around noon when a miracle occurred.  The dolphins showed up.  We had a small family of dolphins cavorting in our wake.  Adrienne was finally happy.

By 1:45pm, we were turning into Loggerhead Marina in Vero Beach and were soon tied up at the fuel dock.  We filled out tanks and proceeded to pump out our waste tank.  Usually, it takes a long time to fuel and a short time to pump out.  This time it was reversed.  It seemed to take forever to pump out our waste tank.

Finally, we were done, and by 3:15, we were tied up in our slip.  Then it was time for boat chores – washing the boat and doing an engine check.  We also spent some time talking to another Fleming 55 owner who was moored several slips down from us.  Before we knew it, it was time for a quick shower and dinner.

We took an Uber into Vero Beach and had dinner at the Citrus Grillhouse.  It was a great choice – good food and reasonable prices.  We both had the fixe prix menu.  Adrienne ordered a mesclun salad, seared scallops and chocolate cake dessert; I had a romaine salad, tomato taglioni with rock shrimp, and key lime pie.  Excellent all around!

We took an Uber back to the boat.  As we were waiting, we were literally getting blown away by the wind, which was blowing at about 25ks.  The restaurant is located right on the beach, so we were getting the full force of the wind off the ocean.  We only had to wait a few minutes for the Uber and soon we were back aboard Curiosity.  We prepared for our last day of cruising and took it easy.  Tomorrow we return to our home port in North Palm Beach.

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