Annapolis, MD – July 8, 2016

A dinghy, a dinghy!  My kingdom for a dinghy!  Alas, there is no dinghy.

My apologies to Shakespeare, but some days it seems as if one is living in an Elizabethan tragedy.  We are ready to head north.  The engine is running beautifully, the bottom is clean, the FireBoy, the large fire extinguisher in the engine room, has been replaced, and the refrigerator and freezer are full.  But our dinghy is not to be seen.  It is sitting in a shop about 2 miles from us awaiting a new motor.  The motor was supposed to be in earlier this week, then it was supposed to be in yesterday, and now it is supposed to be in today.  No word yet.  We are skeptical!

All this week the Atlantic has been calm, a perfect time for the run up to New York, but we could not go.  Now of course weather is beginning to roll in from the west and we have only a narrow window between rough seas this weekend and seas that begin to mount again the middle of next week.  If we get the dinghy tonight or tomorrow, we will head north on Sunday, anchoring Sunday night in the northern Chesapeake Bay.  Monday we will leave early for Atlantic City (a good ten-hour run) and then onto New York on Tuesday (another ten-hour run), and then a short run to Stamford on Wednesday.  This will keep us just ahead of the Tempest.  Once in Long Island Sound, we can take our time, skipping along the coast and resting if the weather turns.

If we don’t get the dinghy soon, I fear we will need to change our plans from going north.  We are time-constrained in August because Adrienne is committed to taking care of her father for a week, lest she become one of King Lear’s daughters.  We do not want to be on a tight time schedule when we head north, since the weather is so unpredictable.

If we don’t go north, we will spend July exploring the southern Chesapeake Bay.  It is something we always wanted to do and it should be fun.  Unfortunately, we will not escape the heat of Maryland and Virginia.

We will see. Stay tuned for Act 2.

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    • Basically, I think it was a lack of use by us and previous owner. The engine would start and run in idle fine but would cut out as soon as you tried to accelerate. When they went to take the engine apart, they found that all the bolts were seized and the effort to drill them out, fix the engine and repair the bolts would cost more than a new engine. Two different groups looked at the engine and agreed it needed to be replaced. It should have taken only a day or so to get the new engine but it has been delayed. Unfortunately, it is already paid for. So we wait.

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