Conclusion – Annapolis to Maine and Back

After 62 Days, 178 cruising hours, 1565 nautical miles, numerous calls to Kevin, 1 lobster pot and one grounding, our first long cruise on Curiosity ended.  It has been a great adventure.

A long cruise with a new boat is both an experience in terror and an incredible opportunity to learn the boat.

The Fleming lived up to every expectation we had.  It performed beautifully in all circumstances.  We never felt unsafe or unsure of how the boat would perform.  When we went through high seas, we had complete confidence in the boat.  Nothing rattled, nothing seemed unsecured.  Curiosity just kept plowing ahead.

Curiosity was also a pleasure to live on.  We had space to move around and space to be separate when we needed to be.  I could do a conference call in the pilothouse while Adrienne relaxed in the salon.  In fact, Curiosity was so quiet when running, I did several conference calls in the salon while Adrienne had the helm.  No one on the call could even tell I was on a boat running in the Atlantic.

In addition, Burr Yachts lived up to all the great things we had heard about them.  Kevin and Pat both took our numerous calls with patience and understanding, even when we were asking the most mundane questions.  But more important than the fact that they were there to answer was the great training we received before we ever left.  I can’t remember how many times an issue or question would come up, and Adrienne and I already knew what to do.  Many of our calls to Kevin were simply to double-check what we already knew or had done.

So our first long voyage has come to an end.  We plan to take the Curiosity south for the winter.  It will be another adventure, I’m sure, but that is a story for another day.

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