Sea BLyS – Introduction

In 2010 while on a cruise vacation in Alaska, our daughter and Jim were touring the docks in one of the ports of call and admiring many of the boats. My daughter turned to Jim and asked, “Why don’t we have a boat?”   That simple question began a process of discussion about why we didn’t have a boat.  In a few months time, and with scant research in retrospect, we remedied the situation by purchasing a 46-foot Regal Sports Coupe. We named her “Sea BLyS” in honor of the protein that the biotech company, from which Jim recently retired, discovered and eventually turned into a treatment for Lupus.

Were we crazy? Perhaps, especially when you consider that Jim’s boating experience, although extensive in his youth, was in his youth and confined to small, one-design racing sloops. Adrienne had no boating experience other than being a passenger.  But we have always loved the water, and often thought about purchasing a waterfront home.  Instead we bought a floating waterfront home, one that would not be limited to a certain geography. We are avid travelers so the idea that the boat could take us to destinations we had never been to or had never experienced from the water was very appealing.

We did not let our lack of experience or the size of the boat deter us. We bought the boat new, flew down to Florida to pick it up in May, 2011, with the intention of driving it back up to Annapolis, our home port, via the ICW. We had a week’s worth of training with one of Regal’s excellent captains and the Regal dealer who sold us the boat. We also hired a professional captain who traveled with us from Cape Canaveral to Charleston, SC.  After that, we were on our own.  But we made it with the boat and our marriage in tact.

We kept a blog during our maiden trip..  Now, in July 2013 after spending all of 2012 cruising around the Chesapeake Bay, we are about to embark on our next long trip – a voyage to New England.. This new blog will record our travels, joys, mishaps and, most of all, fun aboard Sea BLyS.

Jim and Adrienne