Day 1

May 12, 2011

Today was our first day on Sea BLyS. We left Baltimore last night at about 10:45pm.  That was about a 30 minute delay on our Southwest flight. not terrible, but it made for a long day.  the only bright spot in our trip down was our dinner at Phillips Seafood Restaurant at BWI Airport. I ordered a glass of wine with dinner and I got carded!!! I haven’t been carded in 30 years! Of course Jim said that it was probably their policy to card everyone regardless of looks. Thanks, Sweetie.

We arrived at the boat at 10 this morning.  The boat looked great.  I didn’t have time to take pictures today, so I have none to post tonight.  But I’ll post some tomorrow.  The only thing that ruined our vision of the boat this morning was the bugs!!!  The boat was covered with them. Apparently lightening bugs (or what looks just like lightening bugs) have an annual hatch right about now and they swarm in massive quantities. They don’t bite but they get into everything.  The front end and windshield of our rental car are encrusted with them. According to Big Tom and Shorty, the guys who are prepping the boT for us, the bugs will probably be with us for the entire week we’ll be at Cape Canaveral.

So today we just unpacked our bags and boxes, went grocery shopping to stock the boat, and got our first run through of the boat’s systems.  Tomorrow we will spend the entire day with Frank, one of Regal’s captains.  Jim can’t wait.

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