Day 12

We left Charleston Harbor around 9AM. The harbor was almost smooth and there was little wind. We left late in order to have a rising tide south of McClellanville. We hoped to be there around 10AM. We had not counted on the endless no-wake zones. As a consequence, we did not reach McClellanville until nearly noon. The countryside was gorgeous, but the endless no wake zones were monotonous and boring. We finally reached the Waccamaw River around 1 and could let the boat run. It was a beautiful river. Unfortunately, it was short lived. The dreaded no wake zones returned. Our plan was to stay at Barefoot Landing Marina in Myrtle Beach. The guy running the marina, however, was leaving at 5PM, and we were not sure we were going to make it. We thought we would be there by 3PM but the slow speed was going to make getting there by 5PM iffy. Fortunately, we pulled into the marina at 4:45PM, quickly refueled and tied up. At 4:59PM, the harbormaster left, lunch box in hand. We thought it very strange that the harbormaster was leaving so early, and soon found out why. The marina which is a beautiful large resort was in bankruptcy and virtually empty. The only restaurant on the grounds was closed and the Barefoot Landing shopping area that we thought was next to the marina was on the other side of the ICW. After wandering about a bit, we found one person working at an nearly deserted spa who told us all the restaurants were on the other side. Fortunately there was a swing bridge we could cross over. After about a mile walk, we were at the House of Blues, complete with a beat-up police cruiser sitting in front. We were appropriately attired because I had forgot my regular glasses and had sun glasses on and A had forgotten her reading glasses and kept her sunglasses on as well. Sitting in the dark restaurant with our sun glasses, it was clear that we were on a mission from God. Dinner was great and it was back to the boat. The boat beside us was a gorgeous 54ft Sea Ray only 4 months old. The owner, who was from Charleston, had several guests on board and invited us over. Ade went over while I washed off the boat and then I joined. Ade and I are amazed at how consistently friendly the boating community is. After spending about 45 minutes on the Sea Ray, it was off to study the charts and go to bed. Tomorrow, North Carolina awaits.

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