Day 15 Continued Again

We left the RIver Forest Marina and made it to the Alligator River Marina on – not surprisingly -the Alligator River in NC by about 1:40pm. Our Original destination for today was Coinjock. We probably would have made it in another 2 hours but that would have meant getting in around 4 if we were lucky. The winds would have been whipping and and we would have had a rough ride across Albemarle Sound. We’ll get an early start tomorrow and hope to get into Norfolk in the early afternoon.

Our run into this marina was uneventful (a good thing) until we passed under the Alligator River Bridge and encountered 4 trawlers heading to the same marina. So we had to follow them in. It wasn’t far but trawlers move at a snail’s pace. Meanwhile the seas were kicking up with the wind and the waves were hitting us broadside. We were really rocking and rolling but there was nothing we could do. Finally we made it inside the jetty and life was good again.

Now it is off to wash the boat, do some laundry and get cleaned up!

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