Day 15 Continued

Our service guy showed up just after nine, pumped out the old oil and sent someone else to get more oil. Well that proved to be more than a simple thing. We have been waiting for about an hour for the oil and it just arrived. You would think that a shipyard would have plenty of engine oil on hand, but apparently not. The engine is being filled again as I write. That oil will be pumped out to get rid of any remnants of the coolant. It will be filled again and then we will be ready to go. We hope to leave by 10:30. Meanwhile the wind continues to pick up. We called the bridge and as of about 9:30 they didn’t expect any difficulty opening later this afternoon.

Yesterday I finally got a Mr. clean Magic Eraser and scrubbed the remaining love bug stains out of the seats. It works great, thank goodness. This morning when I got up I noticed more bugs all over the rear outdoor seats. These were like small Mosquitos only I don’t think they were Mosquitos. More cleaning and bugs guts, although not nearly in the same league as the love bugs. Again the Magic Eraser did the trick.

The oil is in and the engines are running. Just checking. To make sure it is flowing and that there are no leaks. We might make a 10:30 departure.

Will update when we stop for the night.

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