Day 15

It is 20 minutes to 8 in the morning and we should have left around 7 am. However, Jim had a major brain cramp and put engine coolant in the engine oil reservoir on the port engine. This is a major problem. We can’t go anywhere until we can get the oil changed. We don’t have enough oil with us so we have to wait until about 8 when the shipyard opens. If we’re lucky the work might be done by 9. But we may not be able to leave because we have a low bridge coming up that needs to be opened for us to pass. The bridge won’t open in high winds. We had 30 mph winds again last night. It’s calm right now, but the winds will pick up as the day goes on. We may not make the bridge until the early afternoon, and if it’s not going to open, we will have to come all the way back to Belhaven because there are no other marinas between Belhaven and the bridge.

To be continued…..

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