Day 18

We made it!!! We left Solomons a little before 10 this morning and arrived at Podickory Yacht Club, the place where we’re keeping the boat, around 12:40 this afternoon.  The Bay and winds were calm when we left and we would have had a completely boring and uneventful run had it not been for the number of other boats in the water today.  Leaving Solomons there were not that many.  But we passed by several fishing areas with many pleasure boaters, both sail and power, either anchored or under way.  Even though we had a charted course we were following, we couldn’t stick to it a lot of the time because we had to veer off course to avoid colliding with, or coming too close to other boats.

We passed some type of tall ship with three masts and a bowsprit.  Her sails were furled and there were no oars out, so she had be fitted with a diesel engine. Too bad.  We would have loved to have seen her under sail.

As we approached Annapolis we also encountered four large tankers.  They loomed out of the haze.  After our experience with the freighter in the Cape Fear River, we wanted to give these tankers as much room as possible.  That would have been easy had there been no other boats around.  But there were lots of other boats in the vicinity.  So we were weaving and dodging our way up the Bay.  As it turned out, all of the tankers were anchored, so we didn’t have to contend with their large wakes. That was a very good thing.

As we approached the Bay Bridge, the traffic congestion got pretty intense and the waves picked up too.  So we had a pretty choppy ride moving this way and that to avoid all the boats going every which way.  Podickory Point is just north of the Bay Bridge.  All we had to do was get on the other side of the bridge, pass through a few buoys and make a left turn and we were home. We got through the bridge and then had minor heart failure because Jim had marked the location of the Podickory Yacht Club on the electronic screen, but forgot to highlight it on the paper map.  We weren’t quite sure until we made our left turn that we were in fact heading for the right place.  But we were.  Jim had no trouble bringing Sea BLyS into the marina, turning her, and backing her into the slip.  I managed to get the lines tied without too many mistakes (handling the lines has been my perennial weakness), and we were home.

It’s hard to believe the trip is actually over.  I am writing this entry from my home computer, rather than my iPad. We washed the boat thoroughly, took Katherine to her apartment in Baltimore and then headed home. It’s good to be home and I will definitely enjoy sleeping in our own bed tonight!

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