Day 2

Today the training began. Frank, the Regal captain, showed up around 9AM. We spent nearly two to three hours in the engine room – reviewing every component, switch and filter. I was down in the room with Frank; A was above taking copious notes. We checked oils, coolants, filters, batteries, and switches.

Then it was off to sea. We untied and Frank took us out of our narrow slip. A and I were not to be trusted yet. We went out to the ship channel and played with the IPS drives – turning the Sea BLyS in tight circles, moving sideways, getting a feel for the joystick. A and I took turns driving with the joystick. Then we headed out to the ocean. We cruised by the submarine base at minimum wake speed – about 5 knots.

Then we hit the ocean. The sky was blue, the water was blue, A was white. The seas were about 3-5 feet. Not huge but our first adventure with ocean waves. I took her up to about 10 knots, caught a wave off the starboard bow, and the boat took a big hit. it got the adrenaline flowing. Frank quickly suggested a litle more speed and with an adjustment of the trim tabs, the ride was smoother, still a little bumpy. I did feel that I got the hang of it. Then A took over. She did great – but her jaw was firmly clenched. She and Sea BLys settled down and A took it back into the harbor.

As we neared the marina, there was a lot of congestion – boats waiting for the fuel dock. as we cruised by the marina, Frank asked A where it was. She pointed ahead, as it passed off out stern.. Guess we need to know not just where we are going but where we have come from – the sea is very philosophical.

frank docked the boat for us. Tomorrow we dock!!!

The adventure continues.

PS Yesterday A spoke of the bugs. They are called love bugs down here. They are born, they “love”, they die – just not soon enough.

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