Day 26 – August 2, 2013 – Stratford CT

Friday morning we left Sag Harbor for the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound.  We went through Plum Gut with an ebbing tide and found the passage quite easy.  Plum Gut was wider than I expected and we were able to run it at 20 knots.  The currents were a little squirrelly but nothing that Sea BLyS couldn’t handle easily,

The sound itself was choppier than we expected.  Waves were 2 (maybe 3) feet but the wind from the west was against us.  Nonetheless, we were able to run fairly well at 20 knots without too much discomfort.  As we neared the Connecticut shore, the waves improved somewhat, except near the long sand shoal between Clinton and Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Visibility was good all morning,and we had great views of the Connecticut coast, including downtown New Haven. By 11:30 we tied up at the Brewer Stratford Marina.The marina is a great place to stop —  excellent floating docks, a nice pool, and good laundry and shower facilities.

Today was a day dedicated to cleaning the boat.  I did a thorough cleaning of the deck and hull down to the rub rail, while Ade started cleaning the interior.  We even scrubbed the cockpit floor.  Once the boat was cleaned, it was time for laundry.  We started two loads and then read our books while waiting for the first load to complete.  Once that load was in the dryer, we had about 60 minutes before it was going to be completed, so we went off to explore Stratford.

We had a map of Stratford and some general directions where the town was. We found the village green and the oldest building in Stratford and several funeral homes and churches, but that was it.  Nothing much on Main street.  There must be a town somewhere but we did not find it.

Back at the marina, we finished our laundry and then had dinner at the restaurant next to the marina, a place called Outriggers.  It was a happening place – completely packed with waiters and waitresses racing about like mad persons.  It was exhausting to watch them.  The food was fine but not exceptional.

Tomorrow we are off to Stamford.






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