Day 27 & 28 – August 3-4, 2013 – Stamford CT.

When we left Stratford it was raining steadily and we had rain on and off all the way to Stamford.  However, other than rain, the run from Stratford to Stamford was fairly easy and straightforward.  The wind and waves were light and we were back in Stamford in about 2 hours.

Our son Andy took the train up from Philadelphia to join us for a few days.  Ade’s sister and father, who live in Stamford, picked him up at the train station and met us at the boat.  The rain had eased and we were able to have a pleasant lunch on the boat. before heading back to Ade’s father’s house for dinner.

Sunday morning, Ade’s father and sister again met us at the boat for a short ride out to the Sheffield Islands.  The seas were clam and we all had a delightful time touring the islands that are just off the coast from Norwalk Connecticut.  I think Ade;s father enjoyed the boat far more than the LSM he had been on during World War II.

The marina in Stamford is very well-sheltered and our dock was protected from the wind and current.  It had been perfectly flat when we left on our tour.  I suggested to Ade that she should try and dock the boat herself.  This would be the first time she had ever tried to dock it.

She did a great job.  She pulled into the marina, turned the boat and backed us up right beside the dock.  I hopped off and secured our lines.  An excellent first docking.

We are going to have a barbecue on the boat this evening and then Andy, Ade and I are off to New York City in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Day 27 & 28 – August 3-4, 2013 – Stamford CT.

  1. Snazzy mom! Docking the boat like a pro. Only question, harder or easier than parallel parking a minivan in rush hour traffic?

    • Definitely harder than parallel parking a minivan in rush hour traffic. Although I think with more practice it would be easier. I didn’t destroy the boat. That was the main thing!


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