Day 29 – August 5, 2013 – Jersey City, NJ

Monday morning, Andy, Ade and I made the run from Stamford Connecticut to Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, NJ.  It was a beautiful, clear morning in Connecticut, and we could see the NYC skyline as we turned from  Stamford toward New York. The Long Island Sound had only 1- 2 feet waves, and while we were against the wind, the ride was fairly smooth.  We reached the East River just as the current was changing in our favor and we were able to go with the current all the way to Governor’s Island.  I think Andy really enjoyed seeing New York from the water.  The morning continued to be wonderfully clear and cool; Andy had a great view of the city.

We fueled up and were tied up at Liberty Landing prior to noon.  After lunch, Andy and I went to tour New York City.  Ade was feeling under the weather and stayed on board.

Andy and I took the Liberty Landing Ferry over to the World Financial Center ferry dock and went to see the 911 Memorial.  Ade, Katherine and I had seen the memorial on our way north but Andy had never seen it before.  We did not have advance passes so it took us about 45 minutes to get in.  The memorial is quite beautiful with two pools reflecting the bases of the twin towers.  The name of every person who perished on 911 is inscribed around the pools. I had one friend who died on the Flight 77 and I found her name on the wall of the South Pool.  It is a very moving memorial.

After the memorial, Andy and I went walking, and walking, and walking.  We went down to Wall Street and walked around the New York Stock Exchange.  We then walked uptown to City Hall.  We toured around there for a while and then headed further north to Canal Street.  By then Andy was hungry, so we stopped in a deli and he had a second lunch.  We continued north and then cut over on East Houston St. to Katz Delicatessen.  Along this journey we traveled through a major shopping district full of mothers and teenage daughters buying all sorts of clothing. They might have single-handedly jump started the economy.

Katz Deli is world famous for its sandwiches, so I thought I would get  two for Ade and me for lunch on Tuesday.  I ordered the first sandwich, which was pastrami and swiss.  I watched the person behind the counter make the sandwich – it seemed as if he was putting a whole half of the cow on the bread.  It was obvious that I needed to buy only one sandwich.  It was gigantic by any standard.

Andy and I then realized it was almost 4:30 and he had a 5:10 train to catch.  I also looked at my phone and there was a message from Ade that she was feeling much worse and where was I.  I had visions of needing to take Ade to an emergency room.  So both Andy and I were in a panic.  We walked quickly to the subway station and hopped on the JZ train to take us over to the 123 line so Andy could get to Penn Station.  I hopped off at the Fulton Station and hightailed it to the ferry.  I just missed the 4:45 and had to wait till 5:15.  Fortunately by this point Ade was beginning to feel better.  By the time I was back on the boat, she had definitely improved and the crisis seemed over.  We think she may have had some food poisoning.

Andy made  his train, I had some dinner, Ade had some tea, and we all collapsed for the night.


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