Day 30 – August 6, 2013 – Cape May, NJ

We were up early this morning for our run to Cape May. Mercifully, I was feeling much, much better this morning.  I was worried that we might have to delay our departure to deal with my unhappy stomach, but that was not the case. Unlike our trip up when we stopped in Cape May and then Atlantic City before heading to NYC, we decided to skip Atlantic City (no loss there) and head straight for Cape May. We were off!

We entered NY harbor, with that spectacular view of the Battery to the left and the Statue of Liberty to the right, just as the sun was coming up. We’ve seen many beautiful scenes on this trip, but the views of New York and Lady Liberty from the water are some of the best.

We turned toward the ocean and were relieved to find that NOAA hadn’t lied about the marine forecast for the Atlantic. The water was calm with light winds and great visibility. We put Sea BLyS on plane and cruised at about 26 knots all the way to Cape May.  At times the seas were glassy, and the worst condition we had (if you can call them that) was some small chop between Atlantic City and Cape May. We made it in a little over 5 hours.  Such a contrast to our trip up.  I’ll take today’s conditions over the 3 to 5-footers we had going North any day!

We’re staying again at the Canyon Club Marina.  This time I knew what to do with those rings they have on the pilings for the bow lines, so it was an easy tie (always like those).

The weather is not great in Cape May today, overcast and kind of dreary. So we will take it easy, relax from the trip from NYC and then spend another day here before we tackle the Delaware Bay on Thursday (always a fun body of water). Right now the forecast for Delaware Bay is acceptable. Assuming it stays that way, we’ll head for our home waters in the Chesapeake on Thursday..


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