Day 33 – August 9, 2013 – Georgetown, MD

The weather report for the bay today called for small craft warnings, winds 10 – 15 knots with gusts up to 20 knots, and 2 -3 foot waves.  We woke up expecting to spend another day in “exciting” Chesapeake City.  So we slept in and did not get up ‘til nearly nine.  The sky was blue and the wind was relatively light.  Ade and I both quickly decided to make a run for Georgetown, Maryland, up the Sassafras River. Most of the journey would be in protected waters with only about a five mile run in the Chesapeake Bay itself.  Skipping breakfast, we took off.

As we exited the C & D canal, the Elk River was a little choppy since the wind was from the southwest, the direction we were heading.  At the entrance to Elk River, the bay became choppier still, and we slowed a little to minimize the pounding of the boat.  Within about five minutes, the bay grew calmer and we were able to get to the entrance of the Sassafras River easily. That’s when things got interesting.

It was not rough water but a sea of crab pots that awaited us.  We were coming from the north and the entire north side of the river was covered in crab pots.  There was no order to their placement – it was like a mine field.  We slowed down and picked our way gingerly through the mines.  The mouth of the Sassafras is over a mile wide.  But the only clear channel through the crab pots was a narrow one hundred yard channel on the far south side of the entrance.  We could not believe how many pots there were over such a large area, but we made it.

Once in the Sassafras we slowed down to six or seven knots and just enjoyed the scenic views as we made our way up river to Georgetown.  By 11:30 we were tied up at the Georgetown Yacht Basin. We were glad to be in Georgetown.  There was nothing more for us to do in Chesapeake City and we were looking forward to exploring Georgetown and its neighboring town Fredericktown, which is on the other side of the river.

Things did not turn out as expected.  It seems that Georgetown makes Chesapeake City look like a thriving metropolis.  In Georgetown there is the Kitty Knight House – an inn and restaurant.  In Fredericktown, there is the restaurant the Granary.  That’s it. No town, no stores, nothing. Without a car, there is nothing to see or do here.

So…  We ate lunch at the Kitty Knight House.  I did a few maintenance things on the boat.  We went to the pool and cooled off.  We showered.  I am writing the blog. We will have dinner at the Granary.  We will have seen all there is.

Tomorrow we head for Podickory and the end of our journey.


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